Wealth of People


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Yet, as Dr Paritosh M. Chakrabarti says, “To have any impact on decision- makers, we must explain everything as simply as possible—even complex thoughts concerning economics, science, technology, and religion.” This is what Wealth of People:A New Framework for Economics does. In prose that is simple and accessible, the author distils over centuries of economics, science, and philosophy to highlight why communism and socialism have failed, and why capitalism as we know it is not the answer. Arguing that both communism and capitalism were created by biased individuals using imprecise tools, Wealth of People articulates a new economic framework fashioned after nature’s laws of thermodynamics and evolution that creates wealth and distributes it equitably. His erudite discourse takes into account the works of great economists, scientists, and philosophers—among them Adam Smith, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, John Locke, Robert Boyle, and Amartya Sen—to show how politicians, egalitarian philosophers, and economists fell into error while designing rules for human society. Throwing light on the debates over equality that have consumed the egalitarian philosophers for decades, this remarkable book proposes a new framework that offers the most rational and assured approach to poverty alleviation ever devised.

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