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To be young, good-looking, carefree, working, single and a woman in a new city has its shares of trials and tribulations, surprises and joys. Nearly a decade ago, when journalist-columnist Sushmita Bose decided to move from Calcutta to Delhi, she was excited in an apprehensive kind of way. Soon, she would have to find her own apartment, make new friends, figure out the lay of an entirely new land, settle down into an unknown workplace, learn how to drive, and more. She had roundly been warned about the big bad city that Delhi was. In Single in the City – a collection of the eponymous column that Sushmita Bose wrote for Hindustan Times, she presents a humorous and sardonic take on the seemingly unending roller-coaster ride life can become when one is ‘single in the city.’ A humour-packed book with natty illustrations, Single in the City promises to have the reader in splits at the turn of almost every page.

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