Tales from Shakespeare : Om Illustrated Classics

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In the year 1807, The brother-sister duo of Charles and Mary Lamb wrote tales from Shakespeare, a retelling of the greatest plays of William Shakespeare. This children?۪s book was an attempt to make Shakespeare?۪s famous plays familiar to young people. The language used was simple and made the plays relatable to both adults and children. Charles and Mary Lamb divided the writing responsibilities between themselves. While Mary wrote comedies like ???a Midsummer Night?۪s Dream?۪ and ???as you Like It?۪, Charles took charge of tragedies like ???Macbeth?۪ and ???the Merchant of Venice?۪. sadly, Mary Lamb was only acknowledged as a co-author in the seventh edition of the book. The book received a wonderful response, and has been republished many times as an introduction to the amazing world of William Shakespeare. The plays have been carefully handpicked, keeping the young reader in mind. Delight, revel and bask in this unique rendition of the works of the world?۪s greatest dramatist!.

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