The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank


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At the young age of 13, Anne Frank and her family, comprising her parents and her elder sister Margot went into hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse to escape forceful deportation by the Nazis. For the next two years, the Franks along with another family of three and a single boarder shared the closed confines of this ?Secret Annexe.? In August 1944, the inmates were betrayed, arrested and cruelly torn apart by the circumstances that followed.

Anne had been gifted a diary on her 13th birthday. The diary became her closest friend and confidante during the years in hiding and here she recorded her feelings and experiences with utmost honesty. It is believed that Anne wanted to publish a book based on her diary. Otto Frank, Anne?s father was the only member of the family who survived the war and the horrors of the Holocaust. To fulfill the wishes of his daughter, he decided to publish her diary. The entries in the diary over the two years, reveal the blossoming of a child into a young adult, the reason why it makes for one of the most heartrending chronicles of literature. The readers cannot help but wonder about the kind of woman and writer Anne could have grown up to be.

Set against one of the most dramatic episodes of world history_ The Holocaust, a brilliant comingofage story that has and will continue to find appeal with every generation of readers. An international bestseller, worldwide readership/market lovers of biographies and general fiction, historians, journalists, sociologists, documentary filmmakers, cultural and educational institutions, libraries, general trade readers.

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