The Originals Sherlock Holmes : Vol 1

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221B Baker Street. The most beloved fictional detective is in pursuit of the absolute truth. Dr. Watson, his sidekick and biographer, cannot help but marvel at his friend?s impeccable logic and scientific acumen in unravelling the mysteries of crimes that have besieged London. What Holmes thinks elementary, Watson finds extraordinary. In The Sign of Four, Holmes takes up a peculiar case which revolves around a stolen treasure, the mystery of a secret pact between four convicts and an anonymous benefactor who sends pearls to Mary Morstan (Dr. Watson?s future wife) as an act of atonement. In ?The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor?, Holmes is grappling with an unusual problem where a bride has disappeared on her own wedding day; in ?The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet?, a client leaves a beryl coronet with a banker; and ?The Boscombe Valley Mystery? intrigues our detective when he learns that a local landowner has been murdered and all fingers point at the son but he knows that the real culprit is someone else. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and The Return of Sherlock Holmes add value to this keepsake edition of Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels & Stories 1.

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